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Cylinder Liners

John Deere Cylinder Liners Genuine John Deere Cylinder Liners are designed to exceed customers' stringent demands of minimizing downtime and ensuring quality and reliability. All John Deere components are manufactured and tested to the latest OEM specifications in order to restore the original quality and performance of your machine.

John Deere cylinder liners are carefully engineered and manufactured to provide maximum trouble-free life. All cylinder liners are made from high-strength irons that are cast to obtain a uniformly dense microstructure that promotes durability and reliability.

The cylinder bore is carefully machined and plateau-honed to produce a crosshatch pattern that retains oil. This promotes break-in of piston ring surfaces to minimize oil consumption and eliminate ring scuffing.

John Deere cylinder liners and pistons come pre-assembled from the factory to ensure proper alignment of the piston rings.