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StrongBox ST Battery

In addition to the same superior features as regular John Deere StrongBox batteries, StrongBox ST batteries feature a silver tech alloy grid – designed to extend the life of the battery in high-heat operating environments.

 Quality design features:

  • Silver tech alloy construction resists corrosion and provides longer service life in high-heat conditions
  • StrongBox ST Battery from John Deere
  • Efficient radial pattern provides faster high-voltage starts
  • Full-perimeter frame rails increase durability and provide longer service life
  • Positive cast-grid design with increased internal grid wire diameter improves corrosion resistance and increases durability
  • Small grid windows improve active material retention
  • Large lug width and height increase durability and provide longer service life
  • Maintenance free — no need to add water during normal service life

 All makes of heavy- and light-duty equipment used on farms, ranches, and construction sites; and in general utility and lawn and garden equipment, electric vehicles, automotive vehicles, sport utility vehicles, boats, motorcycles, and ATVs.

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