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No matter who you are — what race, what religion, what gender, age, disability, or sexual orientation — you are welcomed at John Deere. Here, we know the value of bringing together diverse ideas. We embrace a culture that is accepting and understanding. And we work to include individuals and companies that fit with that culture. It's a culture that reflects our global market, widens our business opportunities, attracts the best talent, and breathes life into the best teamwork.


Of course, saying it doesn't make it so. But John Deere lives it through leadership and example.

Diversity in everything we do

Suppliers and dealers

Supplier Diversity

Diversity at John Deere is not just about our employees. We work to maintain a supplier base that reflects the diversity of our markets worldwide. Since 1980, the John Deere Supplier Diversity program has established and nurtured relationships with diverse suppliers. Why is this important? A diverse group of suppliers brings a broader perspective to our business. A broader range of ideas and innovations, too. All this leads to better business for us … and our suppliers. 


Dealer Diversity

John Deere dealers are independently owned businesses. Yet, they are John Deere's face to our customers. They must understand and respond to their local customers needs. This is why we take great strides in recruiting high-caliber individuals with diverse backgrounds to take on the John Deere brand. In fact, in the United States, John Deere dealerships are owned and operated by people of African-American, American Indian, Asian, and Hispanic decent. A significant number of dealerships are owned by women.

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    Mary Jones, Vice President, Global Human Resources, explains how diversity helps us be more creative, innovative, and achieve better business results.

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