Table of Contents

Work Setup

Use Work Setup when changing implements, fields, or applying a different product. Settings available in Work Setup change based on the operation.

Use Layout Manager application to add Work Setup shortcut softkey to the shortcut bar.


Use Location to set client, farm, and field name. Selection is saved in Fields application.

NOTE: Select a field name to recall a previous work data map for that field.


Use Equipment to set up Machine Profile and Implement Profile.

If connected, configure GreenStar™ Rate Controller in ISOBUS VT before setting up implement profile.

Settings Manager

Select Settings Manager to save, edit or load machine and implement settings configurations.

Work Summary

Use Work Summary to select operation details, such as product and target rate / prescription.

Select New Work button to clear work data from map for the selected field.

NOTE: With a CommandCenter™ Premium activation, work data remains in display memory and can be exported.

NOTE: Without a CommandCenter™ Premium activation, work data for selected field cannot be restored or exported.