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Section Control

John Deere Section Control turns machine or implement sections ON and OFF automatically to reduce overlap and improve input management. Section Control requires the following components:

Theory of Operation

Select Master Switch to turn on Section Control. Switch can also be placed in shortcut bar using Layout Manager.

Select Use Boundaries Checkbox to use boundaries while using Section Control.

Select Headland Control Switch to use headlands while using Section Control.

Select Overlap Setting to intentionally overlap coverage. Do not use to compensate for Section Control performance.

Select Performance Tuning to compensate for unwanted overlap or skips in coverage.

To view Diagnostics, select operation area.


Section Control on a Generation 4 CommandCenter™ Display is compatible with:

Section Control is capable of controlling up to 16 sections.

Multiple Displays

Section Control requires task controller communication with the controller, and the task controller cannot run on two connected displays. Status of task controller can be viewed in multiple display settings.

Run Page

A section status run page module and a shortcut softkey can be added to a run page using Layout Manager.

Run page module displays status of each section.

Shortcut softkey provides quick access to turn Section Control master on and off.

Section Control Master On

Section Control Master Off

Status Icons

Implement Ready

Implement Not Ready

Section Control Master Off