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Mapping application is used to view spatial features.

The map view can be added to run pages using several different size modules in Layout Manager.

Use these features to adjust map preferences:


Map Views



Changes amount of field viewed on map.

Zoom Out. View moves further away from machine.

Zoom In. View moves closer to machine.



Heading displays direction of travel in cardinal directions and degrees. 0° equals North, 90° - East, 180° - South, and 270° - West.


Map Layers

Selected map layer is displayed on the top left of the map module.

Select button to toggle between map layers.


Select to open map legend.

Select the map legend to edit interval values.

Select New Work to clear work data from map.

Select to change between operational map layers.

NOTE: With a CommandCenter™ Premium activation, work data remains in display memory and can be exported.

NOTE: Without a CommandCenter™ Premium activation, work data for selected field cannot be restored or exported.