Table of Contents

File Manager

File Manager application is used to transfer data to and from the display. Data can either be transferred wirelessly with MyJohnDeere Operations Center, or use a USB drive to transfer data between displays or compatible desktop software.

It is important to backup data to a USB drive periodically.

Display internal memory is intended to have enough capacity to store all data from a machine per season. A message appears when 95% of memory is used. Data should be exported and deleted before memory used exceeds 95%.

File Manager Tabs

Data Sync - Configure preferences and troubleshoot MyJohnDeere Operations Center connection.

Import - Import data from USB drive or MyJohnDeere Operations Center.

Export - Export data to USB drive or MyJohnDeere Operations Center.

Delete - Remove data from display.

Factory Data Reset

Factory Data Reset removes all user data from display. This includes setup and documentation data, guidance information, totals, and custom run page layouts. Language and regional settings, and activations are not reset.

Select settings at the top of File Manager application.