Table of Contents

Intelligent Power Management (If Equipped)

Tractor can get a power boost when under certain conditions.

A—Intelligent Power Management Module

B—Power Management Off Toggle

C—Power Management ON Toggle

D—Power Management Graph

E—Power Management Engaged Icon


Following are operating conditions when IPM provides controlled power boost of up to 26 kW (35 hp) to tractor:

* 15-20 km/h (for 6R tractors only).

Power increase is not provided under draft applications or non-loaded rear PTO applications. Power increase is only provided when required.

  1. Select Intelligent Power Management module (A) to activate Intelligent Power Management.

  2. Intelligent Power Management On/Off toggle appears. Toggle ON IPM (C).

  3. IPM engaged icon (E) appears.

When IPM is engaged, IPM level is indentified by solid portion displayed in Power Management Graph (D).  Segments to right of solid portion indicate additional engine power above rated.