Table of Contents

Controls Setup

Controls Setup configures an integrated tractor joystick (optional) or ISOBUS joystick to control tractor or implement functions.

Integrated Tractor Joystick

The integrated tractor joystick can control tractor functions, such as a front hitch or SCVs for a loader.

ISOBUS Joystick

An ISOBUS joystick can control functions of a compatible ISOBUS implement. The implement functions are also called ISO Auxiliary Control functions (ISO Aux).

Note: The ISOBUS implement and ISOBUS joystick are required to be Auxiliary Control New (AUX-N) capable.

The following messages are displayed when AUX-N requirements are NOT met:

For ISOBUS implement

For ISOBUS joystick


From the left-hand side of the Controls Setup page, select one of the following controls:


Depending on the selected control, the following combinations (assignments) are possible:

Tractor joystick

ISOBUS joystick

Tractor functions

ISOBUS implement

Note: Certain functions are assigned automatically by implement to specific joystick buttons and cannot be modified by operator.

Setup and manage the assignments

To add or edit any assignment, select the desired control, select Input or Function, and press either Edit or tap anywhere in the selectable area. Once assignment is completed, status icon is shown.

Add or edit assignment

Remove assignment

Define the desired tractor joystick mode based on each specific tractor model


Enable and disable implement functions

ISO Aux determines if the tractor joystick or ISOBUS joystick messages are sent to the implement. Set to OFF to deactivate implement functions. Set to ON to activate implement functions and store them in implement. These functions are stored until operator edits corresponding assignment.

Note: If Joystick Mode is set to tractor, the tractor joystick operates tractor functions only.