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AutoTrac™ Guidance

Use Guidance application for steering machines through field along guidance tracks. Guidance can be performed manually, or automatically using AutoTrac™.

Manual Guidance [included feature]

Manual guidance, or Parallel Tracking™, enables operator to steer manually along guidance tracks using onscreen light bar, map, and audible tones. A StarFire™ Receiver is required to operate manual guidance. Parallel Tracking™ shows machine position relative to a track based on first pass through field. Parallel Tracking™ modes follow a straight or curve track. Use display's machine icon, light bar, and guidance line to steer parallel paths. Audible alerts let an operator focus on the field.

AutoTrac™ Guidance [activation required]

AutoTrac™ is an assisted steering system that steers machine through the field. To operate, AutoTrac™ requires a StarFire™ receiver and an integrated steering system on machine. After operator creates a guidance line (Track 0), machine is able to steer itself parallel to track if all conditions are met.

Use AutoTrac™ Guidance application to: