Table of Contents

Fuel and Pressure

The Fuel and Pressure tab displays the values listed below. Dashes indicate the value is not available.


Engine Oil Pressure

Engine oil pressure is the current oil pressure of the engine. The pressure may vary depending on the engine type. It decreases with rising engine temperature.


Fuel Level

Fuel level shows the current amount of diesel in the fuel tank displayed as a percentage.


DEF Level

DEF level is the current level of the DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) tank shown as a percentage.


Fuel per Area

Fuel per area is the instantaneous fuel consumption averaged over area worked each second. The calculation is based on current fuel consumption, current speed, and the selected implement working width setting. If the machine works one hectare/acre under the current conditions, it would burn this amount of fuel. If the machine is moving slower than 0.1 km/h (0.06 mph) or one of the values is not available, dashes will be shown.


Use the Edit Width button to change the working width of the implement.

Go to Equipment Manager to define a new or select an existing implement. See Implement Profile help for more information.


Fuel per Hour

Fuel per hour is the instantaneous fuel consumption averaged over time. If the machine works under the current conditions for one hour, it would burn this amount of fuel.


Time to Empty

Time to empty indicates how long the tractor can run under the current conditions before the fuel tank will be empty. The calculation is based on fuel consumption, fuel tank size, and fuel tank level.


Air Trailer Brake Pressure

Air trailer brake pressure is the pressure within the air brake system of the tractor. The system should always be above 6 bar / 90 PSI before moving any air braked equipment. Common working pressure is around 8 bar / 110 PSI.