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Implement Profile

Implement Profile settings are important for accurate performance of John Deere AMS applications, such as AutoTrac™.

If AMS applications, such as AutoTrac™, are used on a GS3 2630 Display, then Implement Profile settings do not need to be set up on this display.

Select an implement type for more information:

Planter or No Implement Detected

Implement ISOBUS Controller

GreenStar™ Rate Controller

Saving Profile Settings

Select Save button to store settings from all tabs and close Implement Profile application. Selecting Save is not required when switching between tabs.

Implement Profile settings are saved in the display according to the following factors:

Set up pre-operation settings in implement controller, such as drive configuration, prior to configuring Implement Profile settings.

ISO name changes when some implement controller settings change. This includes changing controller setup between fertilizer and seeding.

Automatic Detection of Profile Settings

If an implement controller is connected, some Implement Profile settings are automatically set by the implement controller.

Section Control must be OFF to detect SeedStar™ 2 or SeedStar™ XP planters when first connected to tractor. After first connection, planter is detected whether Section Control is ON or OFF.

An alert stating "Implement Profile Created" is displayed the first time the controller is connected. When the implement is reconnected in the future, it is identified by its ISO name and Implement Profile settings that are saved in the display are loaded.

The alert will continue to appear if "Setup Later" is selected.

To view currently detected ISO Name, select Diagnostics Center > Controller Diagnostics tab > choose implement controller > Controller Info tab.

Verify all required settings before operation. Work point is not set automatically.