Table of Contents

Import Data

Import from USB Drive - Select folders on USB drive that contain data to be imported.

Import Received Files - Import setup and prescription files from MyJohnDeere Operations Center.

After setup files and prescriptions are imported to the display, use Work Setup to apply the file.


Data can be transferred from another Generation 4 Display, GreenStar™ 3 2630 Display, compatible desktop software, or MyJohnDeere Operations Center.

MyJohnDeere Operations Center does not support the ability to view, send, or receive run pages. If a setup file only contains run pages, the file displays as invalid in MyJohnDeere Operations Center. If a setup file contains guidance lines or boundaries, and run pages, the setup file loads correctly, though run pages are not viewable.

Update Apex™ or third-party desktop application if there are issues with transferring data.

Choose GS3 2630 card format when exporting from Apex™. To use guidance lines from other GreenStar™ displays, unload guidance lines into Apex™ and then export in GS3 2630 card format.

Data Conflicts

If guidance lines are in the same field and created with the same tracking method, the display handles the following conflicts:

Different Name, Same Line

If lines are the same, name of guidance line on display is replaced by name on USB drive.

Same Name, Different Line

If there are two different lines with the same name, line on USB drive is renamed when imported. For example, "Track1" is renamed "Track1(1)".