Table of Contents

Data Sync

Data Sync is used to automatically send work data directly to MyJohnDeere Operations Center. Data is transferred using cellular signal through the modular telematics gateway (MTG).

MyJohnDeere Operations Center Connection

Ready - Connected to MyJohnDeere Operations Center.

Not Ready - Not connected to MyJohnDeere Operations Center.

Diagnostics - Troubleshoot Data Sync when status is Not Ready.

Wireless Export Log - View wirelessly exported files that are manually triggered.

Data Sync Preferences

Select checkbox to Automatically Sync Work Data every 30 seconds.

Data is sent to MyJohnDeere Operations Center when MTG is in cellular coverage. If cellular coverage is not available, work data is stored on the display. Data is sent when cellular signal is reacquired and MTG is able to make a call.

Data Triggers

Even though work data is automatically sent from the display to MyJohnDeere Operations Center every 30 seconds, files cannot be viewed in the Operations Center until one of these triggers occur.

Status Center

Wireless transfer status is displayed in the Status Center.

Data Sync Active - Automatically Sync Work Data is checked and work data is being sent to MyJohnDeere Operations Center.

Data Sync Error - Automatically Sync Work Data is checked, and either 60 or more packets are ready to be sent, or MyJohnDeere connection status is Not Ready.

Wireless Export Active - A wireless export has been initiated, or a previous wireless export has resumed after turning keying on.

Received Files - A file has been received from the MTG.

Wireless Export Error - A wireless export has failed.