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CANBUS General Information

C ontroller

A rea

N etwork

CAN is a generic term used to describe how certain electronic control boxes are connected to and communicate with each other. These electronic control boxes, or controllers, are responsible for certain machine components. For example, Engine Control Unit controls engine RPM and ignition.


B inary

U nit

S ystem

BUS indicates that information is transmitted in "messages" between controllers. Each message is created by a series of power on or power off signals.



The CANBUS is used for communication between different control units on the machine or the implement. For example, the John Deere GPS receiver sends messages about the machine's exact position to the display.

The CANBUS consists of a four wire system running through the entire machine that connects the individual controllers. Two wires are for power regulation (CAN Power and CAN Ground), and two wires are for data transfer (CAN High & CAN Low).

On all John Deere machines the wires are color coded.

As a way to remember the difference between wires, CAN Low wire is green like the grass on the ground, and CAN High wire is yellow like the sun in the sky.