Table of Contents

Change Current Time

Time can only be changed if GPS is not connected or GPS signal is not available. Otherwise, GPS signal determines time.

Time Zone and Time Format do not depend on GPS signal and can be changed at any time.

GPS connected and signal is available

No GPS signal available

  1. Select hour or minute.

  2. Use keypad to enter correct value.

  3. Select Done to apply changes or Cancel to return to previous page without applying changes.


Time Zone

Use Time Zones to adjust for local time changes. Daylight savings time is automatically set by Time Zone selection.

  1. Select a continent or ocean and select Next.

  2. Select a country and select Next.

  3. Select a time zone and select Next.

  4. Confirm selected time zone and select OK.


Time Format

Use radio button to select 12 Hour or 24 Hour time format.